Transfer Rules 2020/2021

*If your 2020 race was cancelled due to COVID-19, please visit this article

To get a transfer code for a race, please log in to your user account at:

Now select the option "Cancel" in the drop-down menu of the desired race.

Now available options for your races will be displayed:

 A) Change race
Here you have the possibility to switch between ELITE, AGE GROUP and OPEN.
After selecting this option, the desired value can be selected by dropdown. If a surcharge applies, you will be asked to pay online during the upgrade.

 B) Cancel race

If you select this option, the race will be cancelled. After the selection you will see information about the cancellation. The amount of the discount code, the validity and the races in which the code can be redeemed are displayed.

After you have confirmed the cancellation, a discount code is automatically generated and assigned to your user profile. You can find the code either in the overview in the dropdown of the corresponding race under "Coupons".

Alternatively, you can also find your personal discount codes at or by clicking on "discount codes" in the navigation bar.


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